Registering Online Teaching Materials

The Readings Online service can manage copyright compliance in the teaching material you provide to students.  By availing yourself of this service, you will no longer need to register material through the electronic use scheme. Readings Online has many benefits for you and the University over the registration system. If you would like to learn more about the Readings Online project, please contact the; X46647.

To continue using the registration process, please download the blank spreadsheet form.  

The spreadsheet is the official record required. It must not be altered in any way. Email completed spreadsheets to copyright-permissions@ For any questions relating to completing the spreadsheet, please contact us on 8344 6647.

You must register any textual material or artistic works in which you do not own copyright that you make available online or on the LMS for teaching purposes. Textual material includes literary, dramatic or muiscal works such as book chapters, journal articles, plays, scripts, sheet music or music scores etc.

You do not need to register material if you:

  • use the Readings Online service
  • link to it, for example a webpage or an electronic resource available via Discovery
  • own copyright in the material or the University owns copyright in it
  • use material with a licence or permission from the copyright owner
  • are using the material electronically but not making it available online, for example putting on CD to give to students
  • use material for other purposes, such as research and study
  • use unpublished material
  • use an insubstantial portion of material