Copyright friendly images

You should make sure that any images that you use are legitimate copies and do not infringe copyright. Many images have been placed online without the knowledge and permission of the creator or copyright owner. The following is a list of images that can be used for University purposes.

The University of Melbourne image bank is a collection of images of the University, its staff and students. The image bank is managed by the University's Marketing team. Copyright is owned by the University. The images can be used for University purposes such as in teaching material, in University publications, on the website, at University events and other activities.

Wikimedia Commons includes images and other media that are licensed under Creative Commons or similar open-licencing schemes. Images can be freely used subject to the terms of the Creative Commons licence.

Flickr - is a popular photo sharing website. Many photographers choose to license their images under Creative Commons to allow other people to freely use their photos. Find out how to search Flickr for Creative Commons images.

Google Images - You can also limit your search of Google images to material licensed under Creative Commons or similar open licences. Refer to our guide on how to search Google Images for Creative Commons images.

Stock image libraries are libraries of photographs or other images that can be licensed for particular uses. Licence fees will vary depending on the particular image used, the stock library used or how the image will be used. Make sure the licence suits your needs, as you will only be able to use the image as permitted under the licence.

Some examples of stock image libraries include:

  • Getty images - one of the world's leading stock image libraries including both royalty-free and rights managed material
  • iStock photo - royalty-free images.

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