Public events

Public events are University events that are open to the general public and that are not held exclusively for students as part of their course of study.

Using copyright material

You will generally need to seek permission to use copyright material at an event unless:

  • The presenter or speaker owns the copyright
  • The University owns copyright and the work is being used at a University event. Guest speakers and presenters may also be able to use works where copyright is owned by their employer or organisation, depending on arrangements with their employer or organisation
  • Copyright has expired
  • An insubstantial portion of the work is used
  • The copyright owner has licenced the work for non-commercial use
  • Live or recorded music is being performed at a University event as permitted under the music licence
  • The work is used as permitted under fair dealing for criticism and review or parody or satire.

You must also attribute any material that you use with a full bibliographic citation, as required under moral rights.

The Copyright Office permissions service may be able to seek permission on your behalf to use copyright material at University events.

Recording the event

If you wish to record, film or photograph the event, you will need permission from the presenters or performers.

Guidelines for using photos and videos as well as the audio/video/photograph release form can be found on the Staff Hub.

See photographing or filming people for more information.

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