Copyright and teaching


The Copyright Act includes a number of provisions that allow copyright material, to be used for teaching. Material can be made available on the LMS, included in a print coursepack or a digital coursepack (such as a CD or USB drive), given as a class handout or shown in class.

Copyright & the LMS

Readings Online can make textual material and images available on the LMS for you and ensure that all the copyright requirements are met. For more information, see Readings Online.

If you wish to make material available yourself, you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Limit the types and amounts of material.
  2. Acknowledge all material with a proper and accurate citation.
  3. Display the required copyright warning notices.
  4. Restrict access to staff and students involved in the subject. Access can be granted to external people who assist with teaching or administering the subject.

Only legitimate copies of material can be used, so be careful when using material from the web. If you have trouble locating legitimate copies, please contact us.

Copyright & Coursepacks

If you wish to make copyright material available in a coursepack or as a handout in class, the following conditions apply:

  1. Limit the types and amounts of material.
  2. Acknowledge all material with a proper and accurate citation.
  3. Use the coursepack frontcover which includes the required copyright statement.

There are no limits on the number of copies that you can make. If there are 400 students in the course, you can make 400 copies of the coursepack or handout, plus spares.

Coursepacks and handouts can be made available in hardcopy or electronically on a CD or USB drive. Material can also be emailed or faxed to students.

Copyright & Lectures

The Copyright Act allows you to show or perform copyright material, such as images, films and music, in lectures. Note that if you wish to record the lecture so restrictions may apply. For more information see Using Copyright Material in Lectures.

Copyright & Exams

For information about including copyright material in exam and text questions, see Copyright and Exams.

Copyright & Students with Disabilities

The Copyright Act includes provisions for making copyright material available in accessible formats for students with disabilities see Guidelines for Assisting Students with Disabilities.

Music, Copyright and Teaching

For information about using music for educational purposes, see Music, Copyright and Teaching.